sorry guys i was so busy making new FPV stuff
i did not had the time to maintain my website.
but im back and i wil try to sort some things 
first of all i gone start making firmware's again for Realac 
Laforge and Furious modules ,, but i need some help !
the making of these firmware's and software filter that i made and the all use 
i want to make it better because it can do more then sily options ,,
whe want good image then look for options , 
for options i am your man ,, so do not worry about that part 
but lets start at the base VIDEO !
i need some one to test it on a Furious user ,, a Ubad user ,, and realac user ,,
and i wil do my parts on the Buzz Module ,, 
i also wil make the code open source easy to DEFINE = Ubad or Realac or Furious ,,
custom logo's are no isue i wil post al these stuf so you can also intergrate your own logo ,, 
i also have OSD modss and other stuff ,to add on there apps and name it !
for now i finished my Buzz game / fpv event box , but stil working on  that part ,,
doing some search on nice 3D printable usable stuff and i wil try to putt this in order on my site just for quads and video goggles accesories to print ,
if i have time enough i wil post some PCB's to make 
and some new cool DIY hardware to make ,
the closed source part is over ,, 
lets build and fly cool stuff !
if you are interested in helping and i mean real helping out the FPV hobby and not just your wallet i am glad to help you out ! 
greatings Buzz 

Some Pictures of the things i am bulding.

Diy electronics !!

Testing my 4irsity DVR and VtxTagger ,, all DIY Electronics !

Some pictures of the Firstlook tech and game event 2016  

We had a great weekend flying mini Tiny WhoopSS

Day with the boys !

Having fun

a super day