i wil update more soon on these projects !

I fixed one TB-uzZ tracker pcb

,and wil update video's how to build one soon

its working great !

rebuild of the VTXTAG tracker based on OpenRF TBuZz Tracker

open source project !

You could make one using a arduino mini and a BT dongle !

and a old rx ! or just make the pcb like the pro's !

follow this project !

i am working on it !

making new stuf new options !

the software for the hardware is updated and wil have more options IF people helping making this stuff better !

i also provide MIT app dev2 import so you could start making your own

FPV race app < having your own team logo's>

the board includes Fan 12V for cooling down VRX module

i2c for bridging 4x

oled to display stuff ,

and 3 buttons to do stuff

 wil share Elecrow files here , schematics , Mit import files .

Give me some time !

more people building and testing make things better for the future

this is why whe need more people helping !